Supporting our communities

Dear Sir,

I write in relation to two articles in the Buchan Observer of March 6, the first with regard to the public meeting to improve the town centre and the second about reforms to the Common Good Fund.

I attended the first half of the public meeting and was impressed with how Councillor Stephen Smith conducted himself.

He quietly listened to what the residents were saying, taking notes and showing due respect the organisers.

To hear he congratulated the organisers at the end and confirmed he wanted to work with the new committee to see how things can be progressed is very encouraging and I wish him and the committee well. I personally think this is the only way to move things forward with the public and elected members working togther with one common goal, the good of the community.

It was also good to see councillors Smith and Pratt taking on the issues surrounding the Common Good Fund and pleased to see Cllr Pratt’s view that “This situation cannot continue and I think the time is right to have the charging policy changed for the benefit of the Common Good, not for the benefit of Aberdeenshire Council”.

They are right in saying the fund should be for the good of comunity groups, projects an good causes and congratulate them on this stance.

They seem to have grasped that the way forward is for comminity groups to take the lead on how their communities are run, with the elected members providing the support to get things done and this is most refreshing.

Hopefully others will follow this good example of how we all need to work togther for the greater good of the community, and if re-elected will continue to demonstrate how listening and progress come hand in hand.

Certainly our local paper also seems to be driving things forward, so well done Buchan Observer, also to Judi and Carol Anne from the “when you were a kid” Facebook page, and certainly the two councillors mentioned for taking these positive steps forward for the good of Peterhead.

Alex Geddes

High Street