Top marks for Anna Ritchie School Nursery

Peterhead's Anna Ritchie School
Peterhead's Anna Ritchie School

Peterhead’s Anna Ritchie School Nursery has been given full marks by inspectors for its quality of care and support.

In addition to receiving the ‘excellent’ rating, the Care Inspectorate said the quality of the environment for children was also ‘very good’.

Inspectors found that the unit, which provides a nursery education for up to eight children with additional support needs, is hugely-appreciated by local parents.

In its report, the Care Inspectorate stated: “Responses indicated that parents were very happy with the service, commenting very positively about the care and support their child was given.

“They told us they felt part of the school family and were delighted with their child’s progress.”

One parent commented: “It is a very homely and welcoming service. The staff are very caring and friendly”.

Another added: “My child gets lots of different opportunities such as swimming and baking. They know my child well”.

Although the quality of staffing and management and leadership were not assessed during the recent inspection, the Care Inspectorate praised the nursery, stating: “Children were cared for by consistent staff who were skilled at building close attachments.

“The children felt secure and confident and we could see them blossoming. Friendly and familiar staff greeted the children and their families which contributed to them building close relationships.”

The report continued: “Staff were very perceptive and responded sensitively to the differing needs of children. Children’s self-confidence and self-awareness was nurtured by providing opportunities to develop a positive sense of themselves and others. Children appeared happy and settled and were keen to interact and respond to staff.”