Toon CCTV petition handed to Council

Buchan Aquatics owner Gilbert Burnett presents the petition to Buchan Area Manager Chris White
Buchan Aquatics owner Gilbert Burnett presents the petition to Buchan Area Manager Chris White

A petition calling for the installation of CCTV in Peterhead town centre has been presented to Aberdeenshire Council.

Peterhead business owner Gilbert Burnett handed the petition to Buchan Area Manager, Chris White, on Tuesday, February 19.

The petition had 800 signatures, but Gilbert told us that there will be even more to come.

The owner of Buchan Aquatics started the petition at the end of November last year following a number of burglaries from shops in Peterhead town centre.

Speaking to the Buchanie Gilbert explained: “A lot of independent shops were burgled in November, December and January, and I was one of those affected.

“I am a BID levy payer so I took the CCTV idea to the BID, I said that we should get CCTV and better lighting in the town centre.

“I then started up the petition to show not the want, but the need for CCTV.

“It’s not just for me, everyone in Peterhead would feel safe again.”

Gilbert created petition sheets and handed them out to shops in the town centre in a bid to gather support.

He said: “The petition I handed in today had 800 signatures but there are still some sheets I haven’t been able to collect yet so I reckon there would be nearly 900 or even 1,000 signatures in total.

“In a sense I am overwhelmed by the amount of signatures it has received, but in a sense I wanted more too.

“I have had some negative feedback from people saying nothing will happen and our voices won’t be heard but, even though it is still to be discussed, this is the closest that Peterhead has come to having CCTV.”

Gilbert added: “I realise that it will take time, money and effort, but I am excited to see it progress and if I manage to get this accomplished then I will have given people hope and I’ll have fulfilled what I set out to achieve.”

Commenting an Aberdeenshire Council spokesperson said: “We are always happy to listen to our communities and in this case accept the petition from Peterhead’s town centre businesses, the contents of which we will consider.

“Officers are currently working on a report for local councillors looking at how CCTV could be provided in Peterhead given the current budget situation and it is hoped this will be discussed in the spring.”