Safety fears after dog injured

Horrific injuries suffered by a pet dog have prompted calls for a clear-up operation  in Stuartfield.

Tuesday, 23rd October 2018, 11:11 am
Updated Tuesday, 23rd October 2018, 11:18 am
Emma Slessor, pictured with a recovering Heidi, says there is no fence around the plot of land in Stuartfield and nothing to say it is in private ownership

Heidi - a four-year-old collie - nearly had her front left leg amputated after diving into an overgrown area adjacent to Crown Cottages.

Owners Euan and Emma Slessor of Mill Park say it was only down to the skills of the specialist vet surgeons at the Meadows Veterinary Centre which saved her leg.

The couple have now approached Aberdeenshire Council to demand the privately-owned land be tidied or that the local authority take action against the landowner to make the site safe.

Euan said: “Emma was round at my parents house back in July and when talking to a neighbour our collie Heidi spotted a cat and ran after it into a waste piece of ground with long grass next to Crown Cottages.

“As Emma chased after the dog, she heard it let out a yelp and then came out with an extremely damaged front leg.

“Only 20 per cent of the skin remained round the top of her leg and we are lucky that the leg was not removed due to the injury as the specialist was recommending an amputation.”

Fortunately, Heidi is well on the road to recovery, but her owners are fearful that the next time it could be a child suffering serious injuries.

Emma said: “There is clearly debris on the site including a metal trailer and there is evidence of fly-tipped garden waste.”

Euan added: “We have since found out that a small child was cut quite badly on the same piece of ground and required stitches.

“In the worst case someone could cut themselves through an artery and bleed to death and then the fingers would start to point blame.”

When contacted for comment, an Aberdeenshire Council spokesman told the Buchanie: “While we do not have powers to enforce a clear-up of the site, we are continuing our efforts to identify and contact the landowner to discuss clearing up or securing the area to reduce the risk of any future issues.”