Johnson praises ‘vision’ of Banff and Buchan MP

Boris Johnson has praised the vision of Banff and Buchan MP David Duguid.
Boris Johnson has praised the vision of Banff and Buchan MP David Duguid.

The new Prime Minister has praised the “vision” of the MP for Banff and Buchan for a positive future for the Scottish fishing industry post-Brexit.

Boris Johnson made the comments during his first appearance at the Commons dispatch box.

The Prime Minister has committed to taking the UK out of the EU by October 31, and has said that Brexit offers the chance reclaim control over UK fisheries and provide a boost for the industry in Scotland.

Banff and Buchan MP David Duguid posed a question following Mr Johnson’s first statement to the House.

He asked the Prime Minister to confirm that the UK will become an independent coastal state upon leaving the EU and will negotiate annually on fishing rights.

Mr Johnson said: “My honourable friend is completely right and I congratulate him on the vision that he has for promoting Scottish fisheries and for using the opportunity of coming out of the EU to build that extraordinary industry.

“He and I have discussed this and I think we should be taking forward the plans that he suggests. It is quite dismal to listen to the SNP because they would give back to Brussels control over fishing.”

His response followed an earlier exchange with the SNP when Mr Johnson attacked the Nationalists for wanting to take an independent Scotland back into the EU and back into the Common Fisheries Policy.

Speaking afterwards, Mr Duguid said: “I am very encouraged by the comments made so far by the new Prime Minister, which show a clear support for the Scottish fishing industry.

“As we prepare to leave the EU, there are huge opportunities for our catching sector, but we will also need investment in infrastructure and processing capacity in and around our ports.”