Video: Peterhead RNLI comes to the aid of stricken fishing vessel

A lifeboat crew from Peterhead RNLI responded to a late-night call to assist a fishing vessel in trouble of the North-east coast.

Sunday, 25th April 2021, 9:58 am

Peterhead RNLI were tasked by the Coastguard to assess and assist the fishing vessel with a failed rudder some 3.4 NM east of Rattray Head on Friday night (April 23) after the vessel issued a pan pan call.

The RNLI Peterhead volunteers’ pagers sounded at 11:08pm with the crew assembling at the station prior to launch.

The Misses Robertson of Kintail and volunteer crew soon departed and made their way to the vessel’s location, which with the tide had already drifted 0.5 NM south from the initial position received.

The RNLI Peterhead lifeboat 'The Misses Robertson of Kintail' was called into action to aid a stricken fishing vessel (Photo: Craig Meheut)

It was decided by Coswain David Weir that given the vessel’s failed rudder, the fact she was already drifting and the lateness of the hour that the lifeboat was the most appropriate vessel to assist her back to the nearest port in order to ensure the safety of all aboard.

With RNLI crew safely undertaking the tow, both vessels reached port at 1:35am. The tow was then transferred to a port vessel to bring the fishing vessel alongside the harbour walls.

Coxswain David Weir said: “I thank the crew for the speed in which they responded to their pagers as well as their high levels of professionalism. Bringing everyone home safe and back to port is always the outcome we want. Thanks as well to our colleagues in Peterhead Harbour for their assistance."

Once back in port, the volunteers cleaned the lifeboat before heading home for some well earned rest and a later than planned start to their weekend.