Peterhead brewery seeks new name for drink

Cammy Bowden of Brew Toon with Alex Geddes of the Peterhead Prison Museum
Cammy Bowden of Brew Toon with Alex Geddes of the Peterhead Prison Museum

Peterhead-based brewery Brew Toon is looking for help to rename one of its popular drinks.

Back in late 2018 Brew Toon, in collaboration with Peterhead Prison Museum, launched a traditional Scottish red ale by the name of, The Jail Ale.

After great success and local notoriety, Brew Toon’s red ale won Best Brewed Product at the 2019 North East Food and Drinks Awards, then making its way to Scotland’s national beer finals hosted at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange featuring among some of the best craft beer and breweries in Scotland.

The wee red ale with humble beginnings was off to an excellent start, but all this attention drew the eye of a much larger brewery south of the border bringing a dramatic halt to all previous momentum.

This brewery coincidentally also had a connection with their local and very famous prison, and unfortunately for Brew Toon had a beer baring a very similar name.

Cammy Bowden of Brew Toon said: “We received a phone call asking that we no longer use the name 'The Jail Ale' due to conflict of interest. This obviously was a shock and threw a slight spanner in the works, but since we are not in the business of stepping on the toes of other breweries combined with a matter of respect, we agreed.”

So, the team at Brew Toon set to that task of devising another name. Many came and went, and a decision was made that the people best placed to decide what the beer should be called would rest with those who will be drinking it, the customer.

Five new names are available to choose from on the brewery’s social media platforms. The names are First Offence, Red Riot, Escape from Alekatraz, Contraband and The J’ale.

The winning name will be announced tomorrow (Tuesday, January 21).