Just how can regeneration benefit Peterhead?

David McCubbin says major projects are about to begin to make a positive and noticeable difference to Peterhead
David McCubbin says major projects are about to begin to make a positive and noticeable difference to Peterhead

Peterhead Town Centre Project Officer David McCubbin explains what regeneration means for Peterhead and the benefits that it will bring to the area

Regeneration is all about looking at ways to stimulate renewal, making positive changes and having positive outcomes.

The ways in which we now shop, bank, and spend our leisure time have changed significantly, particularly due to the impact of online services via smartphones and devices.

Making positive changes to our towns can take some time in an environment of economic, social and political change.

Current effort to take forward regeneration is spearheaded by the Peterhead Development Partnership (PDP), which is comprised of Council, business, third sector and community group representatives. Peterhead’s five-year Regeneration Action Plan 2016-2021 identifies key themes and actions: Peterhead open to the world, integrating the communities, and connecting reinforcing and rediscovering Peterhead’s town centre.

The plan is led by Aberdeenshire Council, but cannot be delivered without partners from the community and businesses of the town.

We are now halfway through the plan with projects already delivered and activities funded including the Barclay Park Pavilion, MODO’s Encounter Youth Café, the Poverty Network, Your Voice Your Choice community funding and Drummers Corner Arcade Lighting, to name but a few.

These have involved over 190 volunteers in various projects supporting and taking forward the community.

Major projects are about to begin to make a positive and noticeable difference to Peterhead, including £200,000 grant investment in the new Peterhead Cinema, the re-development of Drummers Corner, development of the Peterhead Town Trail, the publication of the Invest in Peterhead prospectus to promote creative uses for empty buildings and spaces, and a bid to the National Lottery Heritage Fund to support heritage-led regeneration.

The process to get us there typically involves a consultation process with residents, business and stakeholders to identify a project.

Once approved by the necessary committees, funding then has to be secured.

PDP funding can be stretched further with external funding applications, which brings investment to the town, but also takes time.

When a project gets the green light, the process of delivery then begins.

It is important that we all work together to strengthen our relationships, continue momentum, build on opportunities for tourism and business collaboration and ensure our towns and communities are thriving for the next generation.

The Peterhead Regeneration Action Plan 2016 – 2021 and latest update reports can be viewed at www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/regeneration

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