Final voyage for Julia Park Barry lifeboat

The Julia Park Barry of Glasgow.
The Julia Park Barry of Glasgow.

The Julia Park Barry of Glasgow, one of Peterhead’s most famous lifeboats, will make her final ‘voyage’ on Saturday, May 30.

The lifeboat will make the short trip from the town’s harbour to the former Peterhead Prison yard, which is now owned and operated by Score Europe Ltd.

The transfer of the ownership of the vessel to Score was completed earlier this month and now this ‘grand lady’, who served Peterhead for 30 years, saving 496 souls, will be restored.

It will eventually form the central part of a special visitor facility which is being created within this site.

Commenting on the venture, convenor of Peterhead Lifeboat Museum (PLM), John Wallace, said that he and his board were quite simply ‘ecstatic’ with the offer that had been made by Score.

“After several efforts to raise funds to establish a purpose built home for the JPB, the vessel was languishing in a harbour yard,” said Mr Wallace.

“Many alternate projects and ideas were floated to keep the objective alive of preserving one of Peterhead’s greatest legacies but it wasn’t until Score entered the scene and rescued the day with a ‘no strings’ offer to rehouse and restore the JPB that the PLM were able to relax,” he said.

The original gift of the lifeboat was made by board member and local GP, Professor Sir Lewis Ritchie and Mr Wallace paid tribute to his vision and the concerted effort of the PLM Board and the volunteers who never gave up hope.

“We recognised that nothing short of a miracle would deliver the scope and skills necessary to transform the JPB dream into reality and Score have all the credentials to make this happen,” he said.

“I would like to share an analogy, that the board of PLM, “crewed the JPB” for a little while on her illustrious journey and are proud of the small part they have played.

“We salute the brave men who took the vessel to sea without regard for their own lives, to the women of the RNLI whose behind the scenes work makes all of it possible and to the new coxswain, Score Europe Ltd for whom we remain deeply indebted and appreciative.

“God speed Julia Park Barry.”