Don't just moan on Facebook – join Peterhead Community Council and make a difference

People in Peterhead are being urged to help make a positive change by joining the town’s community council – instead of just moaning about local issues on social media.

By Kevin McRoberts
Wednesday, 5th May 2021, 7:10 am
Peterhead needs more people to come forwward to make decisions about the town. Photo: © Bill Harrison (cc-by-sa/2.0)
Peterhead needs more people to come forwward to make decisions about the town. Photo: © Bill Harrison (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Peterhead Community Council is looking for more people to become members and have a say on decisions affecting the town.

The community council is a voluntary organisations that acts as a voice for the local area.

It is allowed 24 members, but currently has only 14, so it has another 10 places are available.

Anyone in Peterhead who is interested in joining should apply before Wednesday, May 26. Ideally, the community council would like more than 10 people to come forward, so an election could be held on June 1.

Paula Massie, Peterhead Community Council secretary, said: “The community council meets once a month with local elected councillors and brings up any concerns from the public.

"For example, lately there’s been a lot about litter and dog fouling, and we’ll work with Aberdeenshire Council to look for solutions.

"We also get involved with planning applications. We have a say on applications and we can put in an objection on behalf of the community.”

Peterhead Community Council a statutory body and all meetings are held in public, with local residents welcome to attend.

The next community council meeting is due to be held on Wednesday, May 19, and Paula is encouraging anyone thinking about joining to attend the meeting to see how things work.

"There’s a lot of people in Peterhead disillusioned with the way things are,” she said. “The community council is a good way for them to come forward, have their say and make a difference.

"There’s nothing to be achieved by just moaning on Facebook which seems to be the way nowadays.”

Anyone interested in joining Peterhead Community Council can find out more at

Aberdeenshire Council’s website also has information about the role of community councils.

For more about Peterhead Community Council email [email protected]