Council day care services praised after inspection

Ellon Resource Centre is one of the Aberdeenshire Day Service sites
Ellon Resource Centre is one of the Aberdeenshire Day Service sites

Staff at a North-east day service for older people have been described as “marvellous, kind and caring” by residents.

The local authority-run Aberdeenshire Day Services, which operates across ten different sites, was visited by the Care Inspectorate on May 2.

In their findings the inspectors rated both quality of care and support and quality of environment as ‘very good’.

While also speaking directly with staff and residents, inspectors sent out 50 questionnaires to those using the service and to staff, with a total of 13 being returned.

Inspectors noted that everyone responding indicated that, overall, they were ‘very happy’ or ‘happy’ with the quality of care they received.

Having visited six of the ten premises, inspectors also spoke directly with service users and observed staff interactions with people who could not tell them about their experiences.

They said: “These interactions were very good and people seemed very comfortable with staff and in their surroundings.

“Everyone we spoke with expressed very high levels of satisfaction with the service provided.”

One resident commented: “It’s so very homely here. I get company here. The staff are marvellous, so kind and caring.”

Another said: “I absolutely love coming here. I look forwards to Tuesdays and Thursdays. I couldn’t imagine not coming here.”

The Care Inspectorate report stated: “We saw that there was a very wide variety of activities to help keep people stimulated.

“At all the sites people were encouraged and enabled by staff to enjoy physical activities in the form of gentle exercises and being encouraged to maintain their movement by moving between the different activities.

“Other activities helped people to express their artistic abilities, work on memory and social aspects, such as through reminiscence games, and to generally have fun. All these things help to maintain or improve people’s positive sense of wellbeing.”

Commenting on the services’ workforce, the report continued: “We found staff to be very passionate and compassionate at all the sites we visited.

“They had an excellent knowledge of people’s needs, likes, and interests. Using this knowledge helped to prevent or reduce any stress or distress people may experience.”