Fire crew show off equipment

Peterhead firefighers held a demonstration of their state-of-the-art cutting extinguisher recently.

Thursday, 15th November 2018, 11:01 am
Updated Thursday, 15th November 2018, 11:04 am
Firefighters demonstrate the new Coldcut Cobra at Peterhead Fire Station

Crew members gave a presentation to local councillors and Peterhead Community Warden, Michael Chappell, on Friday, November 9.

The Coldcut Cobra is a new cutting extinguisher system that cuts through various materials to enable firefighters to tackle fires from outside the fire location.

It has a water-based system encorporated with an abrasive iron filling that mixes together for an effective cutting method through most materials.

Watch manager Matthew Cowe of Whitewatch said: “The Coldcut Cobra has been in Peterhead for the last 18 months and is solely owned by the retained duty staff.

“It can be used at house fires, car fires, grass fires and boat fires but it doesn’t replace traditional firefighting methods, it works in conjunction with that.

“The Coldcut Cobra is a massive benefit for firefighter safety as they don’t have to enter areas of high risk and water damage is minimal too.”

He added: “When it first arrived it was very busy attending secondary fires, mostly grass and car fires, and unfortunately we have had to use it at two house fires since.”

Fraserburgh and District councillor, Andy Kille, said: “I am grateful to the firefighters for putting on this demonstration for us, it is a very impressive bit of kit.”

Central Buchan councillor Marion Buchan added: “It was a very impressive demonstration.”