Former probationer in Peterhead is now a head teacher

A teacher who started her career as a probationer at Dales Park School in Peterhead has been confirmed as the new head teacher of Auchterless Primary School.

By Kevin McRoberts
Wednesday, 17th November 2021, 6:05 am
Caroline Roche is excited about the future at Auchterless Primary School.
Caroline Roche is excited about the future at Auchterless Primary School.

Caroline Roche also worked in the nursery for a year at New Pitsligo and St John’s School, and took up a post providing social, emotional and behavioural support for children in the whole Mintlaw cluster, before becoming principal teacher at Fraserburgh North School. It was in this role where Mrs Roche got a real taste for management.

Speaking about her new role as head teacher, Mrs Roche said: “I am delighted. I am so excited about the road ahead for Auchterless.

“I already feel really at home here. It’s nice. It’s like a big family and a lovely place to be.

“I went through to tell the children I had got the job and we did a conga around the school because they were all really excited too.

“The children have taken to me so well. I really feel like part of the gang already and they are so enthusiastic and cheery.

“Even on the days when I don’t have a class they come to the office and chat. They are really open and lovely kids.”

Making sure everyone is happy, settled, and progressing well and building relationships are Mrs Roche’s immediate priorities.

Longer-term she would like to optimise the use of the community and to put Auchterless on the map, use the school’s outdoor space, make Auchterless a relevant part of the school’s curriculum and continue the ethos of the school.