Campaigners bid to save Peterhead's Meethill School from closure

A campaign group has been set up in a bid to save Meethill School from closure.

By Kevin Mcroberts
Friday, 19th February 2021, 8:38 am
Meethill School could be closed and merged with Dales Park if council proposals go ahead.
Meethill School could be closed and merged with Dales Park if council proposals go ahead.

Aberdeenshire Council is currently consulting on proposals to merge Meethill and Dales Park schools to create one new school to be based at Peterhead Community Campus.

The consultation is due to close on Friday, February 26, so campaigners are urging everyone opposed to the merger to make their views known as soon as possible.

The Save Meethill School group has set up a Facebook page, which has already gathered considerable interest and messages of support.

Gillian Ritchie, a member of the group who contacted the Buchanie, said: “We gathered almost 200 likes from our Facebook page in less than 24 hours, and have found out that many members of the community are unaware of the council’s plans and that they had a chance to voice their opinions.

“We are running out of time to raise awareness in the community and try to save our school.”

Campaigners say the Covid-19 restrictions have hampered their efforts to canvas the local community and gather support to save the school.

They add that the school is the heart of the community, and are encouraging people to fill out the survey on the council’s website before the consultation period ends.

Aberdeenshire Council has proposed that Meethill and Dales Park schools should be merged and replaced by a new school with a capacity for 600 pupils.

It says the move aims to address condition and suitability issues at the two existing schools while also providing pupils with an enhanced teaching environment.

The Peterhead Community Campus will be located in the Kimnundy area of town, around one mile from both existing schools.

The consultation process, which opened in early December, included an online public meeting earlier this month, and the issue was previously discussed at the Buchan Area Committee, where Councillor Alan Fakley said that as the ward councillor for both schools he had already received “quite a large number of representations”.

He added that he didn’t think the consultation would be straightforward, as he believed the proposals would “affect the communities in which the schools are actually positioned”.

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