Buchan 'snubbed again' by Conservatives on carbon capture

Peterhead South and Cruden councillor Stephen Smith has said he area has been snubbed once again by the Conservative Government after UK Ministers announced they won't invest in a carbon capture and storage facility at St Fergus.

Wednesday, 20th October 2021, 8:24 am
Ministers announced they won't invest in a carbon capture and storage facility at St Fergus.

SNP Business and Energy spokesperson Stephen Flynn, MP for Aberdeen South, said the move was a "complete betrayal" of the North-east by the Tories - who had previously cut £1billion of funding for a carbon capture scheme at Peterhead in 2015.

It follows separate calls for the UK Government to match the Scottish Government's £500million investment in a just transition for the North-east, which the UK Government has also failed to act upon.

Commenting, SNP councillor Stephen Smith said: “We’ve been here before so many times with the UK Government.

"They dropped the funding for the Peterhead Carbon Capture project in 2015 – but not before telling us the only way to secure the project was to vote No in 2014 – and a previous project at Peterhead was scrapped by BP in 2007 owing to lack of UK Government support.

“If the UK Government is unable or unwilling – even on the eve of the COP26 meeting – to commit to a project like this with so many obvious environmental benefits, it should hand the responsibility and the funding for this area to the Scottish Government and let them get on with it.”

Mr Flynn added: "This is a complete betrayal of the North-east by the Westminster Government - and this day will live long in the memories of people right across Scotland.

"This inexplicable decision shows the Tories are guilty of empty words and broken promises on ensuring a just transition for Scotland's communities.

"The Tories pulled the plug on £1billion of carbon capture investment for Peterhead in 2015 and now they've repeated the trick again.

"North-east Scotland is the home of the offshore industry and the obvious location for a carbon capture project.

"How can we have a ‘just transition’ if the Tories aren’t willing to put the North-east first?

"It's clear the Tories have put holding seats in the 'red wall' of northern England ahead of saving jobs in Aberdeen and the North-east."