Christmas shopping in Toon hey-day

A busy Queen Street back in 1905.
A busy Queen Street back in 1905.

As the work of the Buchanhaven Heritage Society grows and develops it would like to share with you some memories of the area and the town of Peterhead starting this week with a look at the town centre in December 1905.

We hope you enjoy your Christmas shopping trip as we look at some of the shops and general providers of goods in our town now long gone.

What better place to start than Arch . G . Wernham, bookseller of 15 Broad Street where you can purchase your own privately-designed Christmas cards and who are now stocking their own seasonal designs for 1905.

To arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements visit their shop or call them on the telephone on 40Y2

For your finest cuts of meat why not visit James Clubb the family butcher at 52 Queen Street where you will find everything you need at the lowest price in town.

For your seasonal fruit why not visit Fyfe &Duncan at 21 Marischal Street where they are now stocking Canadian apples at their very best. Maybe you have friends or family about to start out a new life in their new homes and you may want to purchase that ideal gift.

If so it would be to your advantage to visit William Dyce of 18 Chapel Street where you can purchase such items as “strong kitchen chairs from 3s/6d, or handmade wardrobes for £1/10s or a full-sized iron bed for 12s/6d and much more for your delight”.

While looking for gifts for others why not treat yourself to a new overcoat ranging from 30s to 50s or maybe a new suit from 50s to 70s for the new year ahead, all from Walter Milne Tailor & Clothier of 29 Broad Street.

To go with the new suit and overcoat maybe an umberella would finish your new look off and if so a visit to D. Alexander within the Music Hall buildings is a must. As the New Year fast approaches many will now be doing a “big clean” and what better way to welcome your “first foot” than with a new door mat, floorcloth or linoleum. If this is required why not pop into “The Little Wonder” at 12&14 Erroll Street and for other household furnishings to complete your look why not visit Anderson Brothers of 5,7, & 9 Merchant Street and also at 6 &8 Narrow Lane. As the cold weather approaches we often find ourselves a little under the weather and if so then you may find some relief at J.F. Tocher, Pharmaceutical Chemist of 5 Chapel Street.

During the festive season there is a wealth of talent visiting the Music Hall which will include among many Miss Ellen Beach Yaw “ The Californian Nightingale” and the grand concert party including John Harrison (tenor) Miss Llala Parry (contralto)and Arnold Grange (bass). Reserved seats can be purchased for 3s – first seats 2s and second seats 1s.

With a new year comes a fresh start and some may be looking for a new home. If so maybe a room and two bedrooms adjoining would be ideal for you and your family and if so you will find such a place at 24 Maiden Street. For more details please apply to 30 High Street, Buchanhaven. Your fresh start may also include a new job and if so some of the following may be of interest:

A smart office boy is required at The Sentinel Office. Must be able to drive a pony. Further details at the Sentinel Office;

Message girl required at once. Apply to the Dundee Equitable Boot Depot, 1 Queen Street, Peterhead;

Apprentice cabinet maker . Apply Scott and Co. Cabinetmakers, Marischal Street;

Dressmaker &Bodicemaker . Apply Miss Grant c/o A.W. Scott, 8 Queen Street, Peterhead.

As you now head home after a varied day’s shopping we hope this short article gives jut a small flavour of a busy town centre that once exisited.

We are sure some may say looking back has the danger of wearing rose tinted glasses and they may be right.

But are we really happier in our fast pace 24/7 lifestyle ?

We will leave you to make up your own minds.