Cell block H-orror for Hallowe’en tours

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The atmosphere couldn’t have been better - a dark, cold, rainy evening in one of Scotland’s most notorious prisons.

And as it was also Hallowe’en, I was expecting nothing less than a fright night experience at Peterhead Prison Museum’s Hallowe’en tour.

The tours - which had started on October 28 - had sold out in just a few hours weeks beforehand, with plenty of eager punters ready to enter the eariest of Blue Toon locations.

I went along with my husband and our friends and it was with some trepidation that we entered through the heavy steel door of the former jail.

The scene was set with the health and safety video - I won’t say what happened just in case there’s a repeat next year, but suffice to say it did the trick with the already wary tour group.

Then, heading into the cell block, the group was pitched into darkness and abandoned by our tour guide as some of the jail’s former inmates took over.

There followed 30 minutes of screams, bangs, wailing and nervous laughter as we walked the eerie corridors, waiting to see what would jump out next.

Eventually we were led to the safety of the museum shop where we enjoyed spooky dance routines from Red Brick Theatre members and a warming cup of soup.

It was certainly a Hallowe’en experience not to be forgotten and congratulations must to go the museum staff - and helpers - for a fantastic effort.

Apparently it will be ‘bigger and better’ next year...should you wish to take the challenge!