A shopping trip to remember in Buchanhaven

The good old days of delivery by horse and cart.
The good old days of delivery by horse and cart.

Former Buchanhaven Heritage Society chairman Alex Geddes took us on a trip down memory lane with shop names in our Back in the Day feature back in 2012.

How many of these establishments do you remember?

Newell's Emporium in Buchanhaven

Newell's Emporium in Buchanhaven

“I’m taking a look at some of te shops which, over the years, served the community of Buchanhaven well and meant for most a ‘trip into the town of Peterhead’ was only needed when really necessary or for a special occasion such as Christmas shopping.

I wonder who many remember some of the shops listed below and if there are other shops readers may recall, but not listed here?

So, do you remember Thomas West (furnishings and tailor)? This shop sat on the corner of Skelton Street and Ugie Road and to the rear of the shop upstairs his son, Geordie, set up business. Geordie made school bags from ‘barket’ sail cloth, sold oil skins and other seafaring needs.

When Thomas West closed, the shop became a shoemaker belonging to Tom Bruce, and following that it changed into a fish and chip shop (the family of the famous ‘Chipper’ Elsie). Once Elsie became Mrs Newell it transformed into Newells which carried a range of products for the home and garden.

On the opposite corner was Robert Buchan (baker and grocer), locally known as ‘Baker Bob’s’, this then became Pat Buchan’s (grocer) before sitting empty for a period then becoming Hook, Line and Sinker.

A walk down High Street in Buchanhaven would have seen the following shops open for business: Kirsty Buchan (grocer), Into North Lane and you would have found Frankie Murray (shoemaker), before a shot stroll into Well Street and into Winton’s Tin Shop (grocer).

Heading up Mid Street and into the first butcher, Alex Davidson (his son George was next in line), followed by Doak the butcher and now currently Coutts.

Onto Ugie Road and you would find Andrew ‘Hooja’ the original owner before Muggie, who many will remember took over and in the rear of the shop, when owned by Andrew, was Wullie Buchan (tailor).

Into Ware Road you would have found the original Zanres (the current site of the Sands Bar) and next to Zanres was Wullie Bruce (coal merchant).

Our final shop was John Baird, milkman/carter, who would have been located at the top of the area now known as Churchill Drive.

At one time there was a plan for that stretch to be built as new Street, Buchanhaven, however only one house was built on the site before Peterhead Town Council took the area over and built Churchill Drive as Peterhead started to grow and enclose the original village within its boundaries.

The now conservation area still has a village feel to it, even although many original Buchanners have moved away and those remaining are few in number.

However, there still remains a pride in the ‘village’ and this pride is growing as visitor numbers grow.

The names above are now only for the history books, but the way of life was right.

Some might say I am looking through rose-tinted glasses, but I sense many would like to return to the quieter life with independent shops serving the communtiy.

But with the rise of the superstore and internet shopping no doubt these will never return.

However, how many of our readers miss going into specialist shops for their products, meeting friends while out doing the weekly shop and having a good blether?

More importantly, if such shops opened up again would they get local support or would the lure of jumping into the car ane heading off to Aberdeen be too much for most, thus making the idea of opening up a new shop in the area mean it is unattractive to investors?

Let us know your views on whether you would like to see the independent traders return to our High Street.