A festive Blue Toon night out back in 1905

Biccochi's shop.
Biccochi's shop.

As we continue to look at Peterhead during the month of December, let’s step back this week to 1905 and see what type of entertainment  there was on offer and how local residents that year may have spent their time relaxing.

We start at the Waverley Hall in St Andrew Street where the Young Scots’ Society will host a lecture entitled Political Ideals on December 8, at 8pm.

Queen Street

Queen Street

This wil be led by Mr W.B.Gardiner, with all being cordially invited.

On the same evening Peterhead Literary Society will host a Parliamentary Night in the Town House led by Dr Middleton[C] and Mr A. Milne [L].

It was clear looking at the other political offerings that month that politics was a big draw during that period and no doubt the gathered masses took great delight in ‘heckling’ potential candidates.

And as we fast approach another local election in May 2017, no doubt many of the issues raised then may once again get debated.

On a more entertaining note however let’s head down to the Music Hall where you will find ‘Happy Evenings for the People’ led by “CAMBO” the Marvellous Musical Man-Monkey who will astound you as he ends his tour of all principal halls in the United Kingdom assisted by his clever dog!.

Other acts on the night will include Miss Sara Bryce the popular and charming Aberdeen soprano.

You can then be enthralled by Professor Milne, ventriloquist and his wonderful friend Joe. Doors will open at 7.20pm and commence at 8pm prompt. Popular prices: 4d and 3d.

Photographs of the entertainers will be available to purchase from Taylors Studio of 1 Queen Street, with enlargements being available and framed from 7s 6d.

In addition a great selection of local scenes will also be available to view in black and white or sepia and satisfaction guaranteed.

The Church of St. Peter will celebrate advent on Sunday evenings throughout December 3, 10 and 17th during which the the Rector will preach a course of sermons on unbelief [a] its causes; [b] its effects; and [c] its remedy.

Between the 3rd and 15th December Mr Frank Weaver (son of the late Richard Weaver) will sing and preach in the South United Free Church every night weekday’s at 8pm and Sundays 3pm and 8pm. All welcome.

If relaxation was your favoured option then why not pop down to the corporation baths where the following can be enjoyed.

Slipper Bath 0s 6d; Turkish Bath 1s 0d; Russian Bath 1s 0d; Steam Douche 0s 9d; Nauheim Bath 3s 0d; Sulphaqua Bath 1s 6d and Pine Bath 2s 0d.

Please note ladies will be given Russian Baths by appointment only by the Bathmistress.

For further details please contact Superintendent’s Mr & Mrs George Smith.

Our final offering to enthral local residents in 1905 sees the “Royal Pavillion Cinematography Society” conclude their season with “Twa Oors Mirth and Music Entertainment” with a entirely new exhibition of animated photos.

As we look back at the differing options of entertainment during December 1905 compared to today’s varied provision of multi channel TV, the latest blockbuster in the cinema and all the other attractions and options available to us today there seems to be one common bond with it all and that is bringing family and friends together in a united way to enjoy the Christmas season.

Maybe we also need to stop and think of those alone at this time as for many this may not be the ‘Most Wonderful Time of the Year’, but maybe for some you can make it so.

Your time is often the least expensive gift you can bring anyone, but equally the most precious gift anyone alone can receive.

So if you know of someone who is on their own this year, why not pop in past and pay them a visit.

Perhaps take along the Buchanie and take some time to reminisce on days gone by.

There was a huge array of shops to visit in Peterhead at the turn of the century as can be seen from this picture of Marischal Street.