Rhum Plants at New Deer hall

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Rhum Plants by Mangonel Theatre will be performed at New Deer public hall on Wednesday, April 20.

In the 1940s the scientified world was rocked by the discovery of many rare plants on the island of Rhum by Professor John Heslop Harrison.

The trouble was, this ambitious working-class academic had been making for too many similar discoveries over the previous decade to be credible.

They suspected the Professor had been planting out rare plants and passing them off as genuinediscoveries.

Rhum Plants is a tale about deception, greed, class, ambition and arrogance with some gratuitous lust and cross-dressing thrown in.

Wine, soft drinks and ice cream will be on sale both before and during the post show discussion.

Tickets for the show, which starts at 7.30pm, are availble from Pharmacy on 01771 644217 and Food for Thought, New Deer, on 01771 644366 or can be obtained on the door on the night.

The next play to feature at New Deer will be Tales of a Grandson by Andy Cannon on Thursday, May 12, at 7.30pm.

Andy will take the audience on a time-travelling adventure through Scotland’s past to piece together the myriad of Kings, Queens, friends and foes that make up our nation’s story.

Composer and musician Wendy Weatherby joins Andy and adds to the Tales with music specially composed for the show.