No frosty reception for “The Snow Queen” at Peterhead

The principal cast of The Snow Queen
The principal cast of The Snow Queen

The Peterhead Pantomime Group have excelled themselves this year with their brilliant production of “The Snow Queen”.

The show was based on the Hans Christian Anderson classic but re-written with a doric twist thanks to Angela Ireland and Iain Small.

Harry Bo (Alasdair Corbett) comes face to face with The Snow Queen (Catriona Buchan)

Harry Bo (Alasdair Corbett) comes face to face with The Snow Queen (Catriona Buchan)

Even the songs performed by the lead characters and the chorus groups were re-written to have a more localised feel - a touch that had the audience laughing.

Some songs that stood out included Blue Toon Girls (California Girls), Let it Snow (Let it Go) and even Britney Spears’ Toxic was given a re-write to describe the despicable Snow Queen.

The songs were delivered loudly and clearly by the chorus groups who managed to sing so loudly that even the people sat right at the back of the theatre could hear.

This year’s panto ran from Saturday 6 to Saturday 13 December and each night saw the Community Theatre packed full with audience members of all ages ready to enjoy the show.

The chorus group

The chorus group

As the show was based on The Snow Queen, it made sense that she took to the stage first to introduce herself and make her intentions clear - she keeps herself looking youthful by stealing the hearts of those who fall in love with her and she was ready to find another person to fall for her charms.

Catriona Buchan played the title role and she did an excellent job of making the Snow Queen suitably wicked. You certainly wouldn’t want to fall into her trap!

We were also introduced to the Fairy of the Mirror, played by Lynn Sandison, whose role saw her interact with the crowd by getting them to shout “Hiya Fairy” every time she appeared and said “Hiya loons and quines”.

Of course a panto wouldn’t be complete without a dame and this year she was Mam Bo!

The role was due to be played by Brian Peacock but due to unforeseen circumstances, Iain Small stood in.

This didn’t seem to pose as a problem as Iain took the role in his stride and ensured everyone in the theatre laughed all night.

Alasdair Corbett played Mam Bo’s son Harry Bo and he was just a sweetie!

Poor Harry Bo didn’t appear to be the brightest spark, especially when he told Mam Bo he was getting an interview at Score as he believed the building was a circus big top!

Alasdair played the role of the lively cheeky chappy incredibly well and he certainly had the audience on his side.

Mam Bo’s other son Kai Bo, played by Grant Ogston, had fallen for Gerda, Rachael Lamb, but The Snow Queen was set out to steal his heart.

Another character that made an appearance on stage was storyteller Mr Anderson, a nod to the original story’s author.

Harry Bo was delighted to see Mr Anderson and asked to hear the story of The Little Mermaid that got stuck in the nets of the Amity - just one of the many localised jokes that was a huge hit with the audience.

The show also had four mysterious pick-pockets named Masson, Glennie, Stewart and Watson who were masters of stealing - until they got caught in the act by Mam Bo, and we also met the Snow Queen’s feathered assistants Stark Raven and Stoney Crow who had once been human but were turned into crows by the evil queen.

There was a great use of pyrotechnics and effects to help bring the story to life, including the falling snow on stage and video projections to give the effect of the Snow Queen’s magic mirror.

The show rounded off with the choir singing smash-hit Happy.

A member of the audience was then taken up to the stage to dress up as Santa while Mam Bo and Harry Bo sang Must be Santa Claus and the duo encouraged the audience to join in.

As the cast took a bow, the live band played Oh What a Night - and what a fitting way to bring the marvellous evening to an end.

Our congratulations to everyone involved for a fantastic show, we are already looking forward to next year’s performance!