NE farm store joins campaign

An Aberdeenshire farm store is campaigning to highlight the importance of breakfast to local school children.

The Store in Foveran is supporting national Farmhouse Breakfast Week, which runs from January 22-28.

This year’s campaign is based around the theme “Shake Up Your Wake Up”, which encourages people to make small changes to their routine will make time for breakfast everyday.

The family-run business, sells its own farm-reared produce at the farm store and coffee shop and they are passionate about supporting their local community and educating children about healthy eating.

The award winning business will be hosting events to promote the campaign during the week.

The sessions will include various workstations where children will learn about the different types of breakfasts and also how to make them.

The sessions will include smoothie making, milling oats for porridge, make your own muesli, interactive food games and sausage making.

The Store managing director and farmer, Andrew Booth, said: “Farmhouse Breakfast Week is now in its 13th year running, it gives us a great chance to educate not only the youth of today but everyone of the important of having breakfast.

“People today are often too busy to have breakfast, however, the campaign is all about making that small change to your routine to make the time to enjoy a breakfast that will set you up for the day ahead.”

Foveran School has already signed up to two sessions in the week, head teacher, Gaye Stevenson, said: “The sessions will increase the children’s awareness of the importance of breakfast and will reiterate the importance of healthy eating.

“The sessions will get the children thinking about what’s on their plate and teach them of the importance of supporting local produce.”

To take part in the campaign or to find out more, contact The Store on 01358 788083 or visit