Latest exhibition a hit with visitors

The latest exhibition held by Buchanhaven Heritage Society to celebrate the launch of the Buchanhaven community action plan has been hailed a great success by organisers.

The event, which included old photographs of shops now long gone; Scottish Week events; Salvation Army and Mission events and the first stage of photographs from the “Chipper” Elsie files, was very busy throughout the day with the buzz in the hall a welcome sound.

In addition, considerable interest was also shown in the diver’s helmet and suit from one of the team that built the breakwater and the most recent addition to the society’s collection, that of artefacts from the former Playhouse Cinema.

A surprise visitor to the exhibition was Eddie Sutherland, former manager of the cinema, who provided an excellent overview of the items on display and his input was appreciated by all the visitors and society members.

As vistor numbers grow, the society was pleased to see many new faces arrive and provide some very positive feedback to the exhibition and this has encouraged members to continue their work in developing the centre. It is also clear the centre is now seen as a meeting place for old and new friends to meet and enjoy, with a wide age range attending and interacting.

One example of this interaction was the arrival of a local resident, John Buchan, with a home-made kite made many years ago which halted visitors in their tracks, with many reminiscing on how they made similar kites and spent many happy hours flying them.

Elizabeth Milne, society vice-chair, said: “We were amazed at the large turnout on the day and pleased with the positive feedback received. We now have a large core of supporters and we really appreciate all their support over the year.

“In addition to the exhibits, I would also like to thank Betty Bell for again attending. and Dawn Brodie from Buchan Development Partnership who came along, see what was on offer and see for herself the positive vibe in the centre. Her support throughout has been evident and most welcome.”