Hey! Ho! Lego - Brick mania in the Blue Toon

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Lego lovers young and old got together in numbers for the launch of Peterhead’s first Lego Mania at the Zion Church Cafe on Wednesday afternoon.

A large crowd, including over 80 children, turned up to participate in the event hosted by Buchan Builders The Peterhead Lego Club as the fun day offered something different for kids of all ages.

Darren Noble, 33, founder of the Buchan Builders, said: “I was interested in Lego as a kid and everyone says they’re looking for something else to do so I said let’s go for it.”

The brainchild of Darren and his girlfriend Emma Cordiner, the two hour event encouraged people to come in and rummage in the Lego rubble to see what they could create.

Running from 12 noon to 2pm, Lego Mania 2015 saw kids try their hands at connecting the colourful bricks while more experienced builders constructed some truly impressive displays.

Sean Locke, 44, AFOL (Adult Fan Of Lego) together with Darren and Emma helped build Brickhaven - a Lego town complete with working train track that took over five hours to assemble.

Sean said: “You would be surprised by how many geeks are out there that are into Lego.”

The ‘geeks’ that Sean refers to include celebrities like David Beckham and funny man Johnny Vegas.

He added: “I think we’ve just helped the sales of Lego in Peterhead go up”

Darren and Emma hope that Lego Mania 2015 can build on its successful first year and become an annual event in the Blue Toon.

Darren said: “We hope it will happen again, we’ll need to see how many people come today.”

Lego Mania served as an open day for those who are interested in getting involved with Lego as the Buchan Builders prepare to start an after school Lego club in the coming months.

Darren said: “We’re starting a weekly club after the summer and there’s already a waiting list to get on.”

The Buchan Builders would also welcome any further donations of Lego to help them run and develop their new club.

Volunteers are also welcome.