Help us choose our calendar pictures

The Buchan Observer’s Beautiful Buchan 2016 calendar competition has produced an impressive portfolio.

Entries have been flooding into our email inbox capturing scenes from across the Buchan area in every mood and light – from sunrises to sunsets, in snow and sun, and coast and countryside.

Vote for your favourites today!

Vote for your favourites today!

We now require 13 images from those included in our video, and this is where our Buchanie readers can give their opinions.

It really has been an eye-catching competition, not only showing how stunning the Buchan area is in all its diversity, but also how creative the readers of the Buchanie are.

We asked budding photographers to turn their cameras towards images that were definitively ‘Buchan’ – and they have certainly achieved that.

The entries have kept our newsroom captivated over the past few weeks and we all have our favourites so it will be interesting to find out if you, the readers, agree with us.

All you have to do is choose your top 13 images - one for each month of the year and one for our front cover - and note them in the voting form found in this week’s paper.

The top 13 images chosen by our readers will then be made into a ‘Beautiful Buchan’ calendar for 2016, which will be on sale towards the end of the year, enabling folk from across the Buchan area to enjoy the captivating scenery which we are blessed with all year round.

We will notify the winners as soon as we know the results but, in the meantime, we thank all our photographers for submitting their images for judging.

Good luck to all.

Voting forms must be either posted or handed in to us at Buchan Observer, 28-30 Seagate, Peterhead, AB42 1JP no later than 12 noon on Friday, July 31.