Friends of Book of Deer seminar

The Friends of the Book of Deer have arranged their 33rd seminar for the afternoon of Thursday, February 16 at 3pm in the Aberdeen Chaplaincy in Old Aberdeen.

A paper “The Book of Deer Project: Excavations in Old Deer 2011,” will be presented by Hilary and Charlie Murray of Murray Archaeological Services Ltd, and is open to the public.

The project appointed Hilary and Charlie as directors of the third phase of the search for the Pictish monastery and wider monastic settlement believed to have been located be in the Old Deer area.

A series of small, carefully targeted excavations was carried out in the Old Parish Church and the village with the co-operation and help of residents.

Although no evidence of the monastic settlement was found during this phase, the search did reveal intriguing clues about the Norman settlement of Old Deer.

The results will be considered in relation to previous work carried out under the auspices of the Book of Deer Project and the possibilities of future research will be discussed.

Several aspects of the project’s work have come to the attention of a company producing a series of important historical programmes for BBC 2 and a camera crew was in attendance to cover some of these excavations and will feature in a broadcast sometime in April.

For more information on the Book of Deer Project, visit For more details on the seminar contact Andrew on 01346532309.