Enjoy more Green Spaces fun with Satrosphere

Enjoy a kite-building experience at the next event on June 3.
Enjoy a kite-building experience at the next event on June 3.

Green Spaces officer Lewis Swales will be staging another day of family fun at the town’s Eden Park next month.

The event will be held on Saturday, June 3 when there will be a host of activities for all ages to enjoy.

Following the success of his April event at Dales Park, Lewis has taken onboard lots of feedback to serve up a fun-packed event in another neighbourhood of Peterhead.

He told The Buchanie: “During our inaugural event which attracted more than 400 visitors, we asked them where they would like to see our next event held and the town’s Eden Park was the winner.

“We are very fortunate to have the team from Satrosphere in Aberdeen coming along to this event.

“They will be bringing along a range of hands-on science exhibits for visitors to sample.

“Also, due to the popularity of our kites we are running our first kite club activity.

“This will take place on Friday June 2 at the Air Cadets unit on Catto Drive where you can build your own kite to bring along to the open day.

“For this first kite club we ask people to phone ahead and book places by calling us on 01779 478950.

“We will also have a bird-spotting activity, bark rubbing and leaf drawing, mixed sports events and lots more,” he added.

Continuing with the healthy theme of April’s hugely-successful event, there will be free fruit and water for participants at the June activity day.

Meanwhile, Lewis is always looking for volunteers to assist at his events.

He said: “Those who helped out at the Great Friday Fun Day were a real asset to the event.

“We would love to hear from any others who would like to volunteer and help out.

“If you want to come and help out or run an activity with us in the future please get in touch.”

For more information on any Green Spaces projects, call Lewis on 01779 478950.

Alternatively, please eemail greenspaces@peterheadprojects.co.uk

You can also make contact through the group’s Facebook page at facebook.com/greenspacespeterhead