Bringing a touch of the Doric to event

Kirstin, Mac and Karin Mackie, the sibling owners of Mackie's of Scotland
Kirstin, Mac and Karin Mackie, the sibling owners of Mackie's of Scotland

An “Aiberdeenshire” ice cream maker is giving its most loyal customers something new to get their tongues around – in the form of a new range of slogans in the Doric.

Mackie’s of Scotland is to celebrate its local roots by producing a series of messages in the dialect of the north east of Scotland, which is renowned for baffling non-locals.

Among the messages are gems which include, “Hae a lookie at oor spleet-new flavours!” and “Div ye myn yer first taste o’ Mackie’s?”.

While Mackie’s is now one of Scotland’s best known and most successful food brands, it remains fiercely proud of its roots. Four generations of the family have been involved in running the business, which is still based at Westertown Farm.

Now the team have developed the new messages to reinforce Mackie’s local credentials as they prepare to take part in Taste of Grampian at the Thainstone Centre, Inverurie on Saturday, June 4.

To ensure they got it absolutely right, Mackie’s called on the services of renowned Doric specialist Deborah Leslie, to check out the special slogans.

The author and popular after dinner speaker gave the slogans the nod of approval.

Another of the Doric messages proclaims: “Anither affa fine treat – chocolate fae the same fairm in Aiberdeenshire,” referencing the recently converted old tractor shed, which has become a new chocolate factory on the farm, producing Mackie’s range of chocolate bars.

Karin Mackie, one of the three current sibling family owners, said: “This summer marks the 30th anniversary of when Mackie’s of Scotland started making ice cream.

“It is a really special landmark for us and we wanted to do something fitting to mark the occasion at Taste of Grampian, a fantastic food festival right on our doorstep.”