Wife and children are William’s favourite subjects to photograph

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in the spotlight this week from Peterhead Photographic Club is William McNeil.

William is 21 (going on 54!) and works as an instrument technician/control room operator.

His camera kit takes the shape of a Canon 5DMk2 and 7D, 580Ex flashgun, assorted lenses and a lensbaby, although he says his favourite lens is a 70-200mm f2.8.

William has been a member of Peterhead Photographic Club for the past 18 months and says: “I wanted to learn to take better pictures and meet like-minded people.

“I enjoy having a laugh with everyone as photography doesn’t have to be too serious.

“I reckon looking at my aunt Madge’s slides first interested me in photography, but that was a long time ago!

“I’ve had a camera for so long that I can’t remember how I first became interested.”

William says that he doesn’t really have a favourite subject to photograph, but he likes strong, bold photographs.

“Charlie Bruce has given me food for thought in his split tone shots,” he says.

As to his favourite photo, he says: “There’s really so many to choose from. I like almost all of Ansel Adams’ work and I’ve seen some very good club photographs, but most of my favourites, purely for sentimental reasons, are those I’ve taken of my wife and children,” he adds.