Buchan historian Billy’s book is a hit

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A NEW book by a Buchan Historian has stormed an American best-sellers list.

‘The Hidden Prince,’ which claims that Queen Victoria had a secret love-child with Scotsman John Brown, has proved a hit with readers, ranking third in Dorrance Publishing’s ratings.

Stuartfield based author Billy Rennie spent four years researching and writing the book, which is based on oral history passed down through his family.

Billy explains: “I’ve known the story for 40 years. I knew all the family, other than the Prince himself.”

It was on Billy’s first date with his late wife 40 years ago that he discovered that she was the great great granddaughter of the Hidden Prince.

It was only after Sheena died several years ago that Billy began to piece together her family tree.

“There was a lot of secrecy surrounding it,” says the 65-year-old, “Everyone was sworn to secrecy and when the Prince’s son died, it was assumed that the story had died with him. But it was too late, I already knew.”

Now readers on both sides of the Atlantic have gave Billy’s tale of mystery and intrigue the thumbs up.

One reader said: “This new Title was a great read. Took me four hours to complete but have picked it up again and have read it once more.”

“Lots of interesting facts and a fantastic incite into Queen Victoria and John Brown’s relationship and love child. Very respectfully written also. I strongly recommend this book.”

Publishers in the UK refused to publish Billy’s book, due to its claim-to-the-throne implications, but American publishers Dorrance agreed to publish the work late last year.

It has proved hugely successful with readers, with one saying: “From start to finish it had me intrigued with all the factual and historical information that was brilliantly put together.”

‘The Hidden Prince’ is available on Kindle from Amazon, priced £6.66. The printed edition is available at Waterstone’s, Union Street, Aberdeen.