Blue Toon brothers enjoy film success

Noble brothers at newsagents in Peterhead.
Noble brothers at newsagents in Peterhead.

TWO Buchan brothers are enjoying huge international success in the film industry.

John-William and Graeme Noble, who are originally from Peterhead and now live in Aberdeen, run their own production company, Noble Brothers Productions.

The brothers have made numerous films covering a range of genres including religion, action, romance and comedy. Their titles include Street Fight, The Shadow of Death and Life of a Spy.

They have secured a number of qualifications and awards for their films. Street Fight made the official selection of the Deep Fried Film Festival 2012. The brothers won overall third place at the Heroes Action Film Festival 2012 for Life of a Spy, and made the official selection of the Loch Ness Film Festival 2012 for the same film. And they won the Best Director Award and the Fan Favourite Award at the Holywood International Christian Film Festival of New York 2012 for The Shadow of Death.

John-William and Graeme’s action film Street Fight was filmed mainly in Aberdeen but one of the scenes was shot in Madisons Newsagent in Clerkhill, Peterhead. They have also filmed in Trinity Church, Peterhead, a church that William-John has preached in.

Street Fight has also played at a film festival and received praise from a number of prestigious film websites. Commenting, John-William said: “The Kung Fu Cinema article and Far East films websites are two of the biggest action film websites in the world and they rarely advertise low budget films so this is a massive achievement for us.

“It is certainly no exageration to say that the action by my brother Graeme is the best in Scotland for any independent film group and we are rapidly achieving success in this area.

“Our film-making has improved greatly. We have qualified for 13 film festivals already this year, winning four awards. Our biggest film of 2011, The Shadow of Death qualified for four festivals, with one playing in Texas quite soon.

“We are delighted with how things are going and we are incredibly grateful for the support we have received from people in Peterhead,” he added.

The brothers are currently working on their biggest film to date, Call of Babylon, which is due to be released later this year.

In the near future John-William and Graeme hope that Street Fight will get a commercial DVD release and that their group will begin to get international recognition from larger organisations in the filming world.

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