Academy pupils in anti-alcohol message

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A GROUP of pupils from Peterhead Academy are planning an alcohol free night out, which they hope will challenge the town’s views on underage drinking.

‘Party at the Palace’ aims to raise awareness of the dangers of underage drinking, and remind fellow teenagers that they can enjoy themselves without alcohol.

The group have worked tirelessly alongside Aberdeen Foyer’s Buchan Alcohol Project throughout the October holidays to organise and promote the event, including recording an advert for local station Waves Radio.

The fourth and fifth year girls hope the party at the town’s Palace Hotel on November 19, which can accommodate up to 280 young revellers, will help make both young people and parents aware of the dangers of underage drinking.

Project Co-ordinator Linda Watt said that acceptance of the inevitability of teen drinking needed to be challenged.

She said: “Whatever ideas about drinking people grew up with, the current scientific evidence is that an alcohol free childhood is the healthiest and best option.”

“As Alcohol could make children more vulnerable to risky behaviour and that the earlier a child start drinking, the higher their chances of alcohol related problems as adults.”

In conjunction with Grampian Police, the girls, who range in age from 14 to 16, hope Academy pupils will “dress to impress” and join them for a fantastic night of music and entertainment.

Mitch Main and Glenn Moir of Waves Radio, who often work with local schools to promote a healthier lifestyle, will be on site to deliver some of the best tunes of the moment and a karaoke is also planned.

Similar events have taken place in Aberdeen, but Party at the Palace represents the first of its kind in Peterhead.

Gareth Hannon of Grampian Police said: “It is great to see an event like this organised by the young people themselves, rather than the pubs and nightclubs.”

Tickets are priced £2.50 and are available at Peterhead Academy’s main office and The Palace Hotel, Prince Street, Peterhead.