Ancient Egypt arrives at Aden Country Park

Puppets from the marvellous Magic of the Mummy show
Puppets from the marvellous Magic of the Mummy show

Are you studying the Egyptian theme, enjoy puppet theatre, or simply looking for ways to entertain the kids?

If so Aden Country Park in Mintlaw is offering a show not to be missed.

Working in partnership with Clydebuilt Puppet Theatre and North East Arts Touring (NEAT), Aden is offering a rare opportunity to see the marvellous Magic of the Mummy (Tales of Ancient Egypt) puppet theatre performance on Sunday, March 8 at 2pm in the Aden Theatre.

The story of how the first ‘Mummy’ was created is an enthralling and bitter family struggle, a story of life, death, love, and jealousy.

Find out the history of Osiris, Isis and Set and their role in Ancient Egypt.

The story is woven into the fabric of the tomb as the Explorer takes you on a journey crossing the land of Egypt and entering the underworld where you can see Annubis preparing the first Mummy, meet the God’s Ra and Thor and how they shaped the Ancient World.

Beautiful Rod Puppets, intriguing shadow sequences, and masterful storytelling are the key elements in this show which is for everyone from 5 years.

The performance is an hour long and you can hear about ancient Egypt in the fantastic puppetry demonstration after the show.

A member of the audience at the 2014 Wigtown Book Festival said of the show: “My older children loved this, especially learning about the puppets.”

Tickets are £5 for adults, £4 concession, and £3 for under 16s and are available both online and from the Aden Craft & Gift Shop in Aden Country Park.

Children must be accompanied by an adult and due to the limited size of the Aden Theatre, it is advised to purchase tickets ahead of the performance to avoid disappointment.

For further details about the performance or ticket information please visit the Aden Country Park website on

Buchan Development Partnership (BDP) and the Friends of Aden Country Park are working in partnership with North East Arts Touring (NEAT), Clydebuilt Puppet Theatre, and Aberdeenshire Council to make this event possible.