Aden-een set to be another spectacular!

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Local folk are invited to join a celebration of culture and community in the beautiful surrounds of Aden Country Park for this year’s Aden-een spectacular.

This year the event is based on the Scottish tale, Thomas the Rhymer, who one night was taken, under the spell of the Elf Queen, to the Fairy Otherworld.

Aden-een is a youth regeneration project led by Modo in partnership with Shell, Aden Country Park, Buchan Development Partnership, Community Planning Partners and Aberdeenshire Council.

Now in its seventh year the Shell Fireworks Parade brings together and engages hundreds of participants from across Aberdeenshire, giving young people real and transferable skills and experiences as they create routines, props and performances for the big event.

Over the years, the project has encouraged hundreds of young people to engage in something positive and to gain accreditation for their achievements.

Last year Modo and Shell UK won the prestigious Arts & Business Placemaking Award whichcelebrates the successful collaboration between the Arts and Business Sectors.

John Raine, communications & social performance advisor of Shell UK said “I believe that it is vitally important that Shell continue to support community projects like the Fireworks Parade, and the many other programmes that are delivering lasting benefits to our local communities.”

Modo is committed to keeping this event free of charge so it can be enjoyed by the whole community.

It continues to receive huge support from Shell and others, without which this event would not be possible, but as the audience grows and the number of young people increases, so do the costs of creating the event.

Anyone who can afford to contribute is being asked to donate what they can to ensure the event continuesfor years to come.

Aden-een will be held on Friday, October 30 from 6.30pm to 9pm, with the woods open from 6.30pm to 7.30pm and 8pm to 9pm. The fireworks will start at 7.45pm.