Sanshou Championship hopes for Ryan

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A local Chinese Kickboxer has been given the opportunity to represent Great Britain at the World Sanshou Championships in Jakarta, Indonesia in November.

Ryan Donald would love to take on this once in a lifetime opportunity but needs sponsorships to help with his travel costs.

Speaking to the Buchanie, Ryan said: “To be invited to compete for my country doing the sport that I love the most is such a privilege.

“The travelling is expensive and the training is demanding but if you want something that much you will do it no matter the cost.

“Unfortunately as Sport Scotland or local councils do not recognise my sport they are unable to offer funding.

“This is quite frustrating but I cannot let it deter me from my goal.”

Ryan attends the British Team Training sessions once a month and travels every Sunday to Crawley, London to train with the British Coach and some of his students.

Following the upcoming British Sanshou Championships next month in Milton Keynes, Ryan has a fight for the British Title in his first Professional Sanshou Fight which will be held in Kent.

Any individuals or companies wishing to sponsor Ryan should contact