Ruthless Brora roll-over Formartine United

Formartine's Gary Clark tries to get through the Brora defence
Formartine's Gary Clark tries to get through the Brora defence

You would have had to have been blindly optimistic or seriously deluded to anticipate any other outcome from the encounter between managerless Formartine United undefeated, table topping Brora.

As champions do, Brora made both their intent and ruthless goal scoring capabilities clear from the outset running out 5-0 winners.

After just four minutes Morrison’s freekick was slung left to right across the box and punched well clear from top left by keeper Shearer.

However the ball then met the run of defender Gillespie who ruthlessly rifled it home with a crashing volley from 20 yards .

In 14 minutes a combination of Morrison, Graham and Mackay produced the second goal.

Brora didn’t make many more chances than Formartine but were viciously effective in converting them when they arose.

In the 21st minute, they produced their third goal with the third separate player to score.

This time it was the highly tricky wee Greig who got his name on the score sheet and there was some fear that Formartine would find themselves on the wrong end of a cricket score.

It was graft more than guile that kept the score down to three for the next 20 minutes.

Brora were however a visibly superior outfit in virtually every respect and further goals were inevitable.

Mackay clocked up his second in the 40th minute with what was more or less a solo effort.

Four goals down at half time Formartine didn’t have their troubles to seek but when they emerged from the break without Captain and interim co-manager Hay who had picked up an upper hamstring injury, the cricket score looked a distinct possibility.

Although the game was well won by then, Formartine did surprisingly well in the second half.

Brora still shaded it but Formartine made a couple of excellent chances and were denied solely by two to drawer saves by Joe Malin.

The fifth goal was the result of a 75th minute penalty by Sutherland who sent Shearer to his left as he buried the ball to the right.

The penalty was a pretty straightforward affair deriving from a rather vigorous but slightly reckless challenge by Clark on Greig in the middle of a crowded penalty area.

Formartine look to have the nucleus of a title challenging team but the evidence is that they do not have enough players who are consistent enough when the chips are down to get there.