Record breaking strongman powers into Peterhead

A Peterhead gym was a buzz of excitement as powerlifting star Zydrunas Savickas paid a visit as part of a tour of Scotland.

Tuesday, 11th August 2015, 6:00 am
Zydrunas Savickas holds the world record for deadlifting
Zydrunas Savickas holds the world record for deadlifting

Arena Strength & Fitness Gym, on Park Lane, hosted the record-breaking powerlifter and professional strongman for a training session.

Savickas, known as ‘Big Z’, is travelling across Scotland to deliver seminars on training techniques.

Speaking to the Buchanie, he said he enjoyed his time in the Blue Toon.

“It is an interesting place to see.

“The scenery is beautiful and the people are very nice.”

He was staying in Peterhead ahead of a coaching session in Aberdeen last weekend.

Participants were trained in the famous Atlas stone event, where five spherical stones of increasing weight - from 100 to 160kg - are lifted on separate platforms.

Other disciplines he coached were the farmer’s walk, deadlift, and the log press.

The tour also saw seminars in Inverness and Kirkcaldy.

Big Z trains at least five days a week for two to three hours to maintain his shape.

The Lithuanian, who turned 40 this year, maintains his regime in order to continue competing.

“I want to keep beating my previous records, that is what motivates me to keep going.

“I will compete for at one more year, and if I feel that I can no longer get better then I will retire.”

He added that he feels a kinship with Scottish heritage.

“It is a real strongman country, for example the with Highland Games, so it good to come here.”

Savickas started training at the age of 13, and by 16 was already competing in strongman competitions.

At 18 he moved into powerlifting and competed there for 10 years, before returning to the strongman world.

Eben van Wyk, owner of Arena Gym, was thrilled to get the strongman star in town.

“It’s a great experience to get someone like him to the gym.

“He is one of the biggest names in the strongman world.

“Everyone here was excited to meet and get some training tips from him.

“He obviously knows what he is doing.”

“He gave me a lot of advice regarding techniques for deadlifts and log press.

“He is a very friendly person and it was an honour to have him train at Arena.”

In his impressive career, Savickas has won the World’s Strongest Man title four times, Arnold Strongman Classic seven times, and Lithuania’s Strongest Man 12 times.