Pitches and pavilion should go together

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Boddam Community Council is trying to bring sense to the situation whereby a sports pavilion at the old RAF football pitches is lying disused.

The Boddam Recreation Trust administrates the neighbouring pitches and feels well able to include the pavilion and its changing facilities in its remit

Community Council secretary Liz Moir told the Buchanie: “It is a great community asset going to waste which is why the Community Council is trying to get it back into use for the good of the people of Boddam.

“We strongly believe the people of Boddam should have ownership of this facility.”

Peterhead Boys’ Club was using the football pitch on a temporary basis but this seems to have stopped.

Liz firmly believes that the combination of pitch and pavilion would be attractive to organised teams, such as Peterhead Rugby Club, which has expressed interest.

A petition has attracted 150 signatures in favour of amalgamating the pitches and pavilion under the trust.

A public meeting is being held at 7pm tonight (Tuesday) in Boddam Primary School, when locals can have their say.