Super Selivanovs puts in another awesome display

Another awesome display by Peterhead Boxing prospect, Artur Selivanovs
Another awesome display by Peterhead Boxing prospect, Artur Selivanovs

On Saturday, February 21, Peterhead Boxing Club members travelled to Bennachie Leisure Centre to participate in the annual boxing dinner hosted by Insch Boxing Club.

The main event of the evening was between Peterhead’s Artur Selivanovs and Insch’s Connor Prudence.

Whenever Artur boxes, there is a sense that you’re going to see something special, and once again he did not disappoint.

Artur took the added pressure caused by such expectations in his stride.

As the first bell sounded Artur quickly took centre of the ring, stalking his opponent with great composure, he used his faints and showed tremendous defensive skills to make his opponent miss.

His opponent tried to up his work rate, but Artur proved too skilful to get caught clean with anything.

At this stage, Artur had only thrown two ‘feeler’ shots to get his range, but all the time was setting up his opponent by laying traps, then bang!

As the home boxer stepped in with his jab, Artur timed a double backhand combination that sent Prudence crashing to the canvas.

Prudence did well to get up and beat the count. As the action continued the Insch boxer kept a tight guard and tried to stay away from Artur, but the Peterhead man picked out another clinical backhand that rocked his opponent’s head back sending him reeling towards the ropes, forcing the referee to step in with a standing eight count.

The action resumed and everyone sensed it was just a matter of time before Artur landed agai, which proved to be the case.

He slipped under the home boxer’s jab and came back with a devastating lead hook that dropped Prudence and forced the referee to intervene and halt the contest, declaring Selivanovs the winner by TKO in round one.

Also in action was Peterhead’s Sean Robertosn, who shook off some ring rust with a non-scoring exhibition bout.

The next featured contest sees Peterhead’s Kyle Black travel to Motherwell to fight for the Gold Medal in the final of the Youth Open Class Scottish Championships on Sunday, March 8.