Successful day for Peterhead at NEASCA Gala

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It was a good day for the members of Peterhead Swimming club at the NEASCA Gala earlier this month.

A total of 25 Peterhead swimmers took part in their three chosen events, some finishing with an impressive 400m time trial.

Some of the swimmers achieved very good personal bests while others had some strong swims.

Medal winners were as follows : Ryan May (bronze for 25m Fly).

Ewan May (Bronze for 50m Fly, Bronze for 100m IM, and Gold for 50m Free in a race that was split by hairs at the finish).

Aidan Low (ronze for 50m Free, Silver for 50m Fly and another silver for 100m IM).

Erin Reekie (silver for 50m Fly, and silver again for 50m Breast).

Elaine Murray (bronze for 50m Free, and silver in both 50m Back and 50m Fly).

Callum Smith (bronze for 100m IM).

Lauren Davidson ( bronze for 100m IM).

Ebonnie Buchan (Silver for 50m Breast).

Sophie Reilly (Bronze for 50m Breast).

Aidan Fraser (Bronze for 50m Breast).

Harvey Buchan (Gold for 50m Breast).

Bobby-Drew Buchan (Bronze for 50m Breast).

The eight to 12 year boys were: Ewan May,Harvey Buchan, Bobby-Drew Buchan and Aidan Fraser who won silver in both their relay events.

The 13 years andover girls were Elaine Murray, Erin Reekie, Lauren Davidson and Emily Mcgee who won bronze in both their relay events.

Aidan Low, Lauren Davidson, Blair Reekie Bobby-Drew Buchan, Jean Wilson, Emily Mcgee, ElaineMurray and Harvey Buchan all did well in the 400m time trials.