Peterhead gym owner Eben van Wyk is Masters winner at Scotland's Strongest Man

A Peterhead gym owner has proved a tower of strength by overcoming all challenges and challengers to lift a national strongman title

Monday, 29th November 2021, 4:27 pm
Eben van Wyk, owner of Arena Strength and Fitness Gym in Peterhead won the 2021 Scotland's Strongest Man Masters 1 Title

Eben van Wyk, owner of Arena Strength and Fitness Gym, won the 2021 Scotland's Strongest Man Masters 1 crown at Gym Based Athlete in Edinburgh.

In a test of both strength and endurance, Eben and his rivals had to take part in five separate, and gruelling, disciplines as a total of 11 competitors battled it out for the title.

The first event was log press for maximum weight and Eben got his title bid off to a flier by winning the event with a 135kg log press.

Next up was a car deadlift, which consisted of a car on a frame which the athletes had to deadlift for as many reps as possible. Again, Eben was on top form, tying for first place in the event with 11 reps.

The third discipline involved competitors throwing sandbags of differing weights over a four-metre high bar.

There were five sandbags weighing 16, 18, 20, 22 and 25kg, and Eben placed third in this event.

The fourth event was a 250kg (quarter of a tonne) farmers carry for 30 metres, with a drop and turn at 15 metres just for good measure.

It was another discipline which proved to the Peterhead gym owner’s liking as he completed this event in just under 15 seconds to take first place.

Going into the final event, Eben had a three-point lead over his closest challenger in the fight for the title.

The final event was the atlas stone loading with five stones, weighing 100kg, 120kg, 140kg, 150kg and 160kg respectively.

Once again, Eben proved too strong for his rivals, winning the event with the fastest time.

A delighted Eben said: “Out of the five events, I won three, came joint first in one and came third in one.

"In the end, I secured the title win with a five-point point lead after the final event.”

Earlier this year, Eben also won the 2021 GPC under 110kg Raw Masters 1 Scottish powerlifting championships.

He also won the best overall lifter on the day, pulling a 320kg deadlift, 255kg squat and 170kg bench press to secure the title win.

After his Edinburgh win, he was due to represent Scotland at the 2021 GPC British championships in Wales.