Peterhead Athletics Club plan summer series of events

Peterhead AC is planning to hold its own mini-series of events at the Lido over the summer.

By Ian MacLean
Sunday, 25th April 2021, 11:49 am
Updated Tuesday, 27th April 2021, 3:49 pm
Peterhead AC's youngsters are hoping something approaching normal activity can resume over the summer (archive pic)
Peterhead AC's youngsters are hoping something approaching normal activity can resume over the summer (archive pic)

They will take place on the first Saturday of each month, although Covid-19 restrictions meant the first event was a virtual one.

Athletes were given from the Friday morning until the Monday night to run the JM/3K route and send in proof of run for verification.

Results were -

Junior Mile - Jessica Needs, 6:21, U13; Hollie Steele, 6:38, U11; Jack Findlay, 6:55, U15; Jakob Whitham, 7:16, U11; Emma Steel, 7:40, U13; Angus Robertson, 7:41, U11; Ellie McGee, 7:52, U15; Alix Findlay, 8:03, U13; Charlie Smith, 8:04, U11; Holly Balloch, 8:22, U15; Finley Collins, 8:41, U15; Joseph Carle, 9:11, U11; Euan Steel, 9:13, U11; Max Taylor, 9:15, U11; Sophie Needs, 9:55, U11; Skye Masson, 13:22, U9.

Senior 3K - Mark Beagrie, 10:23, M35; Dave Fraser, 10:29, M40; Cameron Robertson, 10:36, M45; Ryan McRae, 10:37, SM; Ross Aird, 10:42, M35; Shelly Duncan, 10:52, SW; Tanya Sneddon, 10:57, SW; Calum Sinclair, 11:14, SM; Graham Steele, 11:46, M35; Richard Masson, 11:54, M40; Jennifer Robertson, 12:17, W40; Ewan McGee, 12:25, M40; Kelly Cruden, 13:05, W35; Susan Strachan, 13:05, W45; Andrew Davidson, 13:26, M55; James Wilson, 13:33, M50; Alastair Strachan, 13:39, SM; Jonathan Needs, 13:40, M35; Billy Riddell, 13:56, M60; Andy Steel, 14:21, M55; Barbara-Anne Needs, 15:53, W40; Heather Balloch, 16:46, W40; Alison McGee, 17:31, W45; John Diffey, 26:55, M70.

Meanwhile Scottish Athletics has issued clubs with updated advice to athletes and clubs, as Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed, particularly in terms of cross-authority travel to training.

From this week all of Scotland is scheduled to move to Level 3 with adults permitted to travel between areas for organised sport (including training sessions)

Competition is permitted with maximum numbers of 200 athletes per day and bubbles of 30. The total number of 200 excludes officials and volunteers.

Adults must still physically distance in training and competition. However, track races exclusively in lanes are permitted for adults during competition and each lane can be used.