Markus & team take Dublin by Storm at NAGA Championships

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Peterhead’s Markus Proctor was part of a team that recently competed in the largest Grappling Competition in the world - NAGA.

NAGA stands for North American Grappling Association.

It sees different styles of Grappling athletes come together to compete against each other.

Grappling arts Judo, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Freestyle Wrestling (Olympic style wrestling), Sambo and Brazilian Jujitsu.

Markus, along with teammates Nicolae Cojocaru, Sergei Kassir and Vadims Rusu came home with a championship belt, three gold medals, two silver and a bronze.

Out of that, Markus picked up two gold medals for Advance and two silvers for Professional all for Flyweight.

“ It was a very intense tournament, especially because I got put to professional level at two divisions,” said Markus.

“I didn’t expect to beat the higher levels but I managed to submit two people higher ranked than me.”

During the tournament, Markus fought a brown and blackbelt in Brazilian Jujitsu.

“It was very difficult but I did not fight them with their style.

“If I engaged the black belt and his skill in bjj then I definitely would have lost in seconds.

“I would have had my neck pulled off.

“I had to just score points and disengage from his style to survive.

“I managed to beat the brown belt by choke though so I am happy with that because I’m only a blue belt.”

The team were sponsored by ASCO World, a deal which Markus brokered himself prior to the tournament.

“I spoke to my managers and they gave a chance to prove ourselves.

“ASCO listened to us and was very generous. Not only did ASCO give us sponsorship, they made sure we got there safely and constantly checked our status during and after the competitions.

“We all would like to thank ASCO WORLD for sponsoring us and letting us show case our skills and talents in one of the biggest grappling competition in the world.

“We took Dublin by storm and this would not have been possible without ASCO.”