Super swims for youngsters

Peterhead Amateur Swimming Club members pictured at Westhill
Peterhead Amateur Swimming Club members pictured at Westhill
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After an exhaustingly long day at Westhill on Saturday, September 20, the Peterhead Amateur Swimming Club youngsters did great and had some super swims.

In the morning, the boys and girls swam opposite events and had to compete in both heats and finals.

Club members Harvey Buchan, Ebonnie Buchan and Skye Strachan all made the finals and had to swim their finals straight after the Freestyle relays.

In the afternoon, the youngsters continued the trend with good swims and more PBs.

Harvey Buchan made the final of the Breaststroke and finished in first place with a gold medal.

Fellow member Ellie Buchan excelled in her afternoon events.

She made the final of the Backstroke and Butterfly and had to swim both finals after the Medlay relay.

Ellie swam brilliantly and managed to get a PB again in her Butterfly swim.

Speaking afterwards, head coach Marie Cheyne said: “All of the Peterhead ASC boys and girls relay teams did well and cheered each other on all the way.

She added: “The team spirit was great - Elizabeth and I were delighted with all our swimmers.

“Way to go kids!”