Stiff breezes at Delgatie fishery

Little change to report in weather conditions this week with continuing stiff breezes accompanied by showers or longer periods of rain.

The weather conditions have resulted in coloured water which, today (Sunday) appears to begin clearing up after 24 hours without rainfall. Temperatures have remained on the high side of normal but more interest from feeding fish has been demonstrated this week resulting in some anglers achieving good catches. The best among these being; W Furey, Peterhead, 15 fish, (cat’s whisker’s/bloodworm), N Thomson, Turriff, 13 fish, (cat’s whisker’s), A Crawford, Fraserburgh, 11 fish, (black bunny leech), M Rawting, Fraserburgh, 8 fish, (black bunny leech).

Among the juniors, A Caithness from Dunfermline landed a creditable 7 fish on a yellow dancer and buzzers. The forecast for the coming week suggests some abatement to the rain.