released at weekend Perth event

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Peterhead & District Racing Pigeon Club sent a total of 721 birds to Perth for the latest old bird race at the weekend.

With the forecast of some rain and heavy showers the race controller had a difficult task in finding a window to relaese the birds. Thankfully he managed to give the green light for a 11.30am liberation into a south west wind.

A quick race was to follow and taking the top spot for the second week ruinning were Alan and Michael Geddes who took the first three places, their winner a yearling hen arriving at 1.07pm.

Robbie Whyte took the fourth position with a two year-old hen at 1.09pm.

The birds were tumbling in with most members reporting 100% returns.

Top ten result as follows in yards per minute:-

1, 2, 3. - A & M Geddes (1785, 1777, 1771), 4 R. Whyte (1762), 5, 6 C. Donaldson (1760,1760), 7,8 C & M Williams (1759, 1757), 9, 10 Maskame & Mackie (1755, 1755).

Other members first birds position as follows in yards per minute:

11 G. Willox (1754), 13 H Hailwood (1737), 14 G Taylor (1733), 19 J & A Donaldson (1692), 27 D Hay (1670), 28 I. Buchan (1670), 34 G. Findlay (1636).