Peterhead Beach Angling Club

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Sunday, November 10 saw the last day of Summer competitions for the Angling Club and the “fish off” for the accumulated monies from the fortnightly competitions.

It was an ideal day with the the sun shining and as competitors for the “fish off” agreed to remain on the Ugie beach, they were reasonably sheltered from the wind.

Other competitors who were there for the fortnightly competition were not similarly restricted and some were across Scotston beach.

The challenge was set right from the start when Mike Heddle caught a good sized flat fish on his very first cast.

With a target flattie to go for, some decided to concentrate on trying for a turbot to split the winnings.

It was a hard fought day with some having little luck, though plenty of weed was caught (good for the gardens).

At the weigh in, it turned out that Mike not only had the biggest flat fish of the day but also the biggest flat fish of the summer competitions!

Thus as no turbot was caught, Mike won a total of £270 for his good work.

Over the summer season, Ian Graig had the most wins with four followed by Donny Garden, Mike Heddle and Fred Thores with three wins each.

Juniors was won by Aiden Jones who has shown himself to be a keen angler and the club wish him every encouragement to keep at the sport.

The first of the winter competitions start on Saturday, November 23 from 7pm till midnight held between the Buchanhaven Pier and Rattray Head.

As usual, sign up will be at the Bait & Tackle shop, Broad Street and the measure-up will be at midnight sharp. Late fish will not be accepted.

The next competition after that will be on Sunday, December 8 from 10am to 2pm along the same ground.

Competition thereafter will be fortnightly and alternate between evening and day fishing.

Anyone who may be interested in competing should pop in to the shop on Broad Street for further details.