One of best weeks at Delgatie fishery

The past week has been one of Delgatie Castle Trout Fishery’s most productive weeks this summer with 96% of anglers having success and some good catches being recorded.

The weather has remained settled and the resurgence in dry fly activity was very noticeable.

With the harvest in full swing the disturbance of land-based insect life would have peaked with resulting insect life on the water surface.

Daddy and Klinkhammer were the favourite dry lures and accounted for good returns.

With sub surface and deep water activities also being recorded.

The best results this week were as follows:

A. Murray, Gardenstown, (several visits), (23 fish, black fritz); I. Burnett, Fraserburgh (14 fish, black buzzers); C. McLean, Fraserburgh (10 fish, daddy, klinkhammer); L. Sleeman, Macduff (10 fish, Blobs,wets); L. Wood, Buckie (8 fish, buzzers); N. Thomson, Turriff ( 7 fish, Buzzers); C Murison, Fraserburgh (7 fish, klinkmahher); R. Donald, Macduff (6 fish, daddy,hopper); C. Reid, Banff (6 fish, orange lures); A. Watt, Gardenstown (6 fish, daddy).

C. Sleeman, Macduff included 9lb plus fish in his catch with A Raybould, Banff landing an 8lb specimen,

The weather for the coming week looks fairly settled and hopefully the conditions will allow catching to continue at this level.

Delgatie Castle is a Troutmaster water and is open seven days from 8am.

Closing times will be dictated by light conditions but remain currently at 8pm.