Good catches for local anglers

Fishing ‘over the Ugie’ has been reasonably good over the last few competitions with several decent flat fish being caught. This is despite the tides not always being to the

anglers’ advantage.

The best of the fishing still seems to be over at Scotston and the ‘Pirates’ is definitely a favourite with several of the anglers.

But it is worthwhile

going there as shown by the catches, with Alan Donaldson getting a 36 ½ cm flattie on July 7, and Michael Hadle a 37cm

on July 21.

Also on July 7, Ian Craig pipped Peter Drummond’s 31cm Turbot with a 32 cm. Talk about cutting it fine!

The next few weeks saw a small drop in sizes with 33cm flatties being recorded for Ian Craig on August 4,Michael Hadle on August 18 and Fred Menzies on September 1.

The only Turbot caught was on August 18, which was a nice 32cm from

Donny Garden.

Several of the anglers have now qualified for the ‘fish-off’ at the end of the season and there are a few more that are close to having the necessary six Sundays under their belts. It is promising to be a good competition to round things off!

The club is thinking about having a Winter League. Interested? Come in and let us know at the Tackle shop!