Five in a row for Victoria champion John Noble

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JOHN Noble (pictured below) was presented with the club championship trophy for the fifth year in a row at the recent prizegiving dinner and dance at Peterhead Victoria Bowling Club.

John was also the men’s champion, with Jeannie Timmins named ladies’ champion and Daniel Watson junior champion.

Full awards were as follows:

Club singles - John Noble (winner), Jim Watson (runner-up).

Harbour Board Singles - Daniel Watson (winner), John Noble (runner-up).

High Winds Singles - Alex Cruden (winner), Martin Murray (runner-up).

Handicap Singles - John Watson (winner), Harry Grieve (runner-up).

W. Duncan Men’s Singles - John Noble (winner), Jacky Stuart (runner-up).

Ladies’ Singles - Jeannie Timmins (winner), Vi Low (runner-up).

Pr Duncan Ladies’ Singles - Cissy Duguid (winner), Vi Low (runner-up).

R. Forman Men’s 65+ Singles - Tom Buchan jnr (winner), Jim Watson (runner-up).

T. Buchan Men’s 60+ Singles - Tom Buchan jnr (winner), Jacky Stuart (runner-up).

J. McLean Ladies’ 60+ Singles - Cissy Duguid (winner), Vi Low (runner-up).

Buch Pl Ladies 60+ Singles - Cissy Duguid (winner), Vi Low (runner-up).

Junior Singles - Daniel Watson (winner), Stephen Owens (runner-up).

Ugie Singles - Michael Watson (winner), Ian Leslie (runner-up).

Extra Pairs - T. Buchan jnr & JA Smith (winners), H. Grieve & M. Murray (runners-up).

Craigewan Men’s Pairs - J. Stuart & J. Noble (winners), T. Buchan jnr & JA Smith (runners-up).

Ladies’ Extra Pairs - M. Kerr & J. Timmins (winners), E. Noble & S. Gale (runners-up).

Club Pairs - A. Strachan & A. Reid (winners), S. Owens & J. Noble (runners-up).

Rose Bowl Pairs - C. Duguid & J. Noble (winners), M. Kerr & D. Watson (runners-up).

Thom Men’s Pairs - A. Cruden & J. Noble (winners), R. Gale & T. Buchan jnr (runners-up).

J. Lamb Ladies’ Choice Pairs - D. Watson & S. Gale (winners), J. Noble & J. Timmins (runners-up).

Harry Smith Pairs - M. Watson & J. Noble (winners), F. Napier & JA Smith (runners-up).

Sheila Davidson Pairs - C. Duguid & K. Menzies (winners), I. Creighton & T. Buchan jnr (runners-up).

Harbour Board Pairs - A. Strachan & J. Noble (winners), W. Robertson & S. Watson (runners-up).

Mixed Pairs - J. Timmins & J. Stuart (winners), C. Duguid & A. Cruden (runners-up).

Junior and Senior Pairs - J. Noble & S. Owens (winners), John Watson & D. Watson (runners-up).

Triples - R. Gale, W. Watson, J. A. Smith (winners), I. Brownlee, I. Leslie, J. Noble (runners-up).

Ladies’ Choice Triples - H. Grieve, M. Murray, J. Timmins (winners), R. Gale, T. Buchan jnr, S. Gale (runners-up).

Mixed Triples - S. Watson, M. Watson, D. Watson (winners), W. Robertson, R. Craig, M. Murray (runners-up).

Rinks - H. Grieve, J. Stuart, D. Watson, J. Noble (winners), R. Craig, W. Watson, A. Cruden, R. Gale (runners-up).

Mixed Rinks - I. Creighton, J. Summers, A. Duncan, JA Smith (winners), A. Watson, W. Robertson, E. Barclay, D. Watson (runners-up).

Afternoon Hat League Men - Jacky Stuart (winner), John Noble (runner-up); Ladies - Sue Gale (winner), Marion Kerr (runner-up).

Night Hat League Men - Michael Watson (winner), Billy Robertson (runner-up); Ladies - Elizabeth Noble (winner), Sue Gale (runner-up).